Seminar Announcements Founders Hall

MEPS (Micro-Economic Policy Seminar) has upcoming research seminars – all are welcome!

Spring Seminars will be held every Tuesday from 11:00 am-12:15 pm EST in VMH 311 on the Arlington Campus of George Mason University.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this seminar, please contact Eric Childress (echildre@gmu.edu).


First three weeks: job talks

February 15: Hyojung Lee (VA Tech), “The Geography of Gentrification and Residential Mobility” (with Kristin Perkins)

February 22: Naoru Koizumi (GMU), “Analysis of Transnational Kidney Sales Networks via Web scraping”

March 1: Carlos Scartiscini (IADB), “Trust: The Key to Social Cohesion and Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

March 8: Kerem Cosar (UVA) “Rise and Fall of Empires in the Industrial Era: A Story of Shifting Comparative Advantages”

March 15: Spring Break – No MEPS

March 22: Bruno Pellegrino (UMD), “A Tale of Two Networks: Common Ownership and Product Market Rivalry”

March 29: Christina Tello-Trillo (Census) “Trade Liberalization and Labor-Market Outcomes: Evidence from US Matched Employer-Employee Data” with Peter Schott and Justin Pierce.

April 5: Kelly Jones (American University) “Economic Shocks, Inequality, and Unintended Births.”

April 12: Andy Zeitlin (Georgetown) “The collective action mechanism in community-based monitoring of schools”, with Abigail Barr, Pieter Serneels, and Frederick Mugisha.

April 19: Molly Lipscomb (UVA) “Privatization of Public Goods: Evidence from the Sanitation Sector in Senegal”

April 26: Noel Johnson (GMU), “Pandemics and Cities: Evidence from the Black Death”