Founders Hall

Seminar Announcements

MEPS (Micro-Economic Policy Seminar) has upcoming research seminars – all are welcome!

Fall 2019 Seminars will be, unless otherwise indicated, every Tuesday at 11-12:15, in Van Metre Hall 478 on the Arlington Campus of GMU.


August 27: Carlos Scartascini (Inter-American Development Bank) “Imperfect Attention in Public Policy: A Field Experiment During a Tax Amnesty

September 3: Constantine Yannelis (University of Chicago) “Reducing Barriers to Enrollment in Federal Student Loan Repayment Plans: Evidence from the Navient Field Experiment

September 10: John Haltiwanger (University of Maryland) “The Post Entry Growth and Survival of Business Startups: The Role of Founding Teams

September 17: John Rust (Georgetown University) “Equilibrium Trade in Automobile Markets

September 24: Megan Stevenson (George Mason University, Law) “Algorithmic Risk Assessment in the Hands of Humans”

September 27: Matthew Steinberg (George Mason University) “Schools as places of crime? Evidence from closing chronically underperforming schools

October 1: Bryan Stuart (George Washington University) “Recessions and Local Labor Markets

October 8: Natalya Naumenko (George Mason University, Economics) “Economic Consequences of the 1933 Soviet Famine

October 15: Fariha Kamal (U.S. Census Bureau) “Family Leave Law and the Demand for Female Labor: Evidence from a Trade Shock”

October 22: Ithai Lurie (U.S. Department of the Treasury) “Health Insurance, Taxes, and Mortality: Evidence from Outreach to the Uninsured”

October 29: Javier Baez (World Bank) “Extreme Weather and Poverty Risk: Evidence from Multiple Shocks in Mozambique

November 5: John Earle (George Mason University) and Solomiya Shpak (George Mason University) “Obfuscating Ownership: Oligarchs’ Political Connections and Orange Revolution

November 12: Desiree Desierto (University of Rochester) “Grand Corruption by Public Officials: Measuring Theft and Bribery”

November 19: Paul Piveteau (Johns Hopkins University, SAIS) “Foreign Competition along the Quality Ladder

November 26: Cody Tuttle (University of Maryland) “Racial Discrimination in Federal Sentencing: Evidence from Drug Mandatory Minimums

December 3: Emin Dinlersoz (U.S. Census Bureau) “Synergizing Ventures