John S. Earle
Advanced Micro-Economic Analysis for Policy Research
Labor Markets and Policy
Managerial Economics and Policy Analysis
Introduction to Data Analysis for PhD Students

Thomas Stratmann

Introduction to Econometrics
Public Choice
Seminar on Empirical Research

Sita Nataraj Slavov
Tools for Economic Policy Analysis
Game Theory (Issues in Political Analysis)
Economics of Aging in the U.S.
U.S. Financial Policy, Processes, and Procedures
Research Design for Social Science and Public Policy
Professional Development Seminar

Maurice Kugler
Macroeconomic Policy in a Global Economy
Global Financial Crises and Institutions

Anh Pham
Introductory Data Analysis for Policy and Government
Managerial Economics and Policy Analysis

Kenneth Button
The Political Economy of Regulation
U.S. Transportation Policy in the 20th Century
Regional Policy Analysis
International Transportation Logistics
Transportation Economics
Transportation Safety and Security
Cost-benefit Analysis

Matthew Steinberg
Economics of Education
Social Science Research and Education Policy
Teacher Development and Education Policy
Special Topics in Education
Independent Study for the Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Priyanka Anand
Health Economics
Advanced Empirical Methods in Health Policy Research
Advanced Seminar in Health Policy Analysis
Labor Economics

Alison Evans Cuellar
Causal Inference in Health Services Research
Health Economics
Independent Study in Health Administration and Policy
Strategic Health Management and Planning

Jordan Neyland
Corporate Acquisitions

Lucas Nunez
Introductory Data Analysis
Research Methods and Analysis

Cesar Martinelli
Mathematical Economics/Economic Theory
Political Economy and Public Policy
Microeconomic Theory
Game Theory and Experimental Economics