Recent papers (in most cases with links to working papers):


Finance and Growth at the Firm-Level:  Evidence from SBA Loans”  (J. David Brown and John S. Earle).  Forthcoming in Journal of Finance.

Informed Short Selling, Fails-to-Deliver, and Abnormal Returns.” (Thomas Stratmann and John W. Welborn). Journal of Empirical Finance 2016.

Foreign Ownership and Wages:  Evidence from Firm-Level and Linked Employer-Employee Data in Hungary, 1986-2008” (John S. Earle, A. Telegdy, and G. Antal).  Forthcoming in Industrial and Labor Relations Review.

The Welfare Cost of Retirement Uncertainty” (Frank N Caliendo,Maria Casanova, Aspen Gorry, Sita Slavov), Working Paper, 2016.”

Job Creation, Small vs. Large vs. Young, and the SBA” (J. David Brown, John S. Earle, Yana Morgulis), in Measuring Entrepreneurial Businesses: Current Knowledge and Challenges, NBER, 2016. 

Firm Manipulation and Take-up Rate of a 30 Percent. Temporary Corporate Income Tax Cut in Vietnam” (Anh Pham), Working Paper 2016.

“A Tragedy of the Anticommons: Local Option Taxation and Cell Phone Tax Bills.” (Mitchell, Matthew and Thomas Stratmann). Public Choice 2016.

“Distributional Consequences of Political Representation.” (Nicola Maaser and Thomas Stratmann). European Economic Review 2016.

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“Is There Adverse Selection in Life Insurance Markets?” (Dave  Hendergren and Thomas Stratmann). Economic Inquiry 2016.

Where does Privatization Work? Understanding the Heterogeneity in Estimated Firm Performance Effects” (J. David Brown, John S. Earle, and Á. Telegdy).  Forthcoming in Journal of Corporate Finance.

The role of legislative change in reducing domestic violence against women in India” (Aparna Mathur and Sita Slavov), Working Paper 2016.

“The Effects of a Temporary Corporate Income Tax Cut and Deferral: Evidence from Vietnam” (Anh Pham), Working Paper 2016.


The Productivity Consequences of Political Turnover: Firm-Level Evidence from Ukraine’s Orange Revolution ” (J.S. Earle and S.G. Gehlbach). American Journal of Political Science 2015.

Do National Cancer Screening Guidelines Reduce Mortality?” (Adam Leive and Thomas Stratmann). Journal of Population Economics 2015.

“Deception and Political Participation: Theory and Laboratory Evidence.” (Daniel Houser, Sandra Ludwig, and Thomas Stratmann). Economic Inquiry 2015.

“How Does Corporate Political Activity by Citizens United v. FEC Affect Shareholder Wealth?” (Thomas Stratmann and J.W. Verret). Journal of Law and Economics 2015.

Is Privatization Working in Ukraine?  New Estimates using Comprehensive Manufacturing Firm Data, 1989-2013” (David Brown, John S. Earle, Solomiya Shpak, and Volodymyr Vakhitov).  Paper presented at the Conference on “Ukraine:  Escaping the Post-Soviet Legacy,” in Kyiv, April 2015.

Cancer Screening Guidelines and Mortality.” (Adam Leive and Thomas Stratmann). Journal of Public Economics 2015.

U.S. Housing Prices and the Fukushima Nuclear Accident.” (Alexander Fink and Thomas Stratmann). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization  2015.

Work Incentives in the Social Security Disability Benefit Formula.” (Gopi S Goda,, John B Shoven, Sita Slavov), National Bureau of Economic Research 2015.

The Cost of Uncertainty about the Timing of Social Security Reform.” (Frank N Caliendo, Aspen Gorry, Sita Slavov), National Bureau of Economic Research 2015.

The Financial Feasibility of Delaying Social Security: Evidence from Administrative Tax Data.” (Gopi S Goda, Shanthi Ramnath, John B Shoven, Sita Slavov), National Bureau of Economic Research 2015.

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The Construction of Morals.” (Daniel L. Chen and Susan Yeh). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2015.

Revealing the Rapist Next Door: Property Impacts of a Sex Offender Registry.” (Susan Yeh). International Review of Law and Economics, 44, 2015.


Do Black Mayors Improve Black Employment Outcomes? Evidence from Large U.S. Cities.” (John V.Nye, Ilia Rainer, and Thomas Stratmann). Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 2014.

The Role of Retiree Health Insurance in the Early Retirement of Public Sector Employees” (John B. Shoven and Sita Nataraj Slavov). Journal of Health Economics 2014.

Public versus Private Provision of Public Goods,” (Sita Nataraj Slavov). Journal of Public Economic Theory 2014.

Does It Pay to Delay Social Security?” (John B. Shoven and Sita Nataraj Slavov). Journal of Pension Economics and Finance 2014.

Recent Changes in the Gains from Delaying Social Security” (John B. Shoven and Sita Nataraj Slavov), Journal of Financial Planning 2014


The Effects of Earmarks on the Likelihood of Reelection” (Thomas Stratmann). European Journal of Political Economy 2013.

Do SBA Loans Create Jobs? Estimates from Universal Panel Data and Longitudinal Matching Methods” (J.D. Brown and J.S. Earle). Working paper, first version 2012, revised 2013.

FDI and Wages:  Evidence from Firm-Level and Linked Employer-Employee Data in Hungary, 1986-2008” (J.S. Earle, A. Telegdy, and G. Antal).  Working paper, revised 2013.